Channel Message From Your Higher Self *Pre-recorded video

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Our Higher Selves are the embodiment of Spirit expressed through our human vessels. Our Higher Selves are our wise, all-knowing, unconditionally loving, creative, whole and liberated centers. Our Higher Selves represent our most authentic state of being beyond our conditionings, our fears, our limiting beliefs, our wounds, and our ego fixations.

In this session you will also learn how to connect and embody your HIGHER SELF!

This are some of the benefits of connecting with your Higher Self :

  • Lowered or completely diminished anxiety
  • Lowered or completely diminished depression
  • Openness and receptivity to life
  • Creativity and inspiration
  • Enhancement of intuition and personal gifts
  • Greater tolerance and patience
  • No longer fearing death
  • Developing a mystical perception of life
  • Cultivating unconditional love for self and others

Learning to connect to and embody your Higher Self can completely transform the way you perceive yourself, other people and life forever.

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