Light Language DNA Activation *Pre-recorded video

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Light language is a multidimensional form of communication that speaks directly with your soul. It is an expression of divine light streaming though your unique human vessel. It is meant to be felt and experienced and not necessarily translated or understood by the human mind.

In this session Ayana will facilitate the awakening of Love consciousness throughout your being, remembrance of unity consciousness, and activating the crystalline blue print from within your DNA.

Just like in any form of energy healing light language is most beneficial to the listener when received with an open heart. As a listener the more you can use your empathic nature to listen and feel the tones, sounds and vibrations the less resistance you will feel as your mind isn’t trying to dissect and make sense of what you are hearing. As you allow and feel instead of analyze and think there is a shift that happens within you which makes it easier for you to tap into the beautiful and powerful experience that light language can bring. When first listening to light language you may want to even close your eyes, clear your mind, and set the intention to receive with an open heart. When you do this you may notice changes happening within you. You may feel sensations, and see colours and images pop into your imagination. You may even feel a sense of familiarity, comfort, and ease as you listen because your soul recognizes the light language as it is coming through.

Each experience is unique so go into the session without any exceptions other than what ever you are meant to receive you shall.

You can also formulate some questions if you are in need of additional guidance and send them prior to the session.

This session is a pre-recorded video , if you want to have a live session please book a Live Session.

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